The Nuvo Team of Optometrists

The Nuvo Team of Optometrists are all members of the CAO, OAO, and College of Optometry of Ontario. They will help you see better, look better and feel better!


Dr Helene Laurin, Nuvo Optometry, Nuvo Eye Centre, Optometry, Optometrist, Eye Doctor, Glasses, Contact lenses

Dr. Laurin is owner (Orléans & Ottawa) and optometrist at Nuvo Eye Centre – Orléans. Her professional interests include paediatric optometry and specialty contact lenses. She also participates in pre and post operative care pertaining to refractive and cataract surgery.

Dr. Laurin has a way to make everyone feel at ease, from the youngest very frightened child to the elderly patient who may require a more personalized approach. Her problem solving skills, her vast knowledge in the field and her ability to customize her examinations to best meet patient needs has gained her the trust of the community and of her peers.



Dr Corina Buettner, Nuvo Optometry, Nuvo Eye Centre, Optometrist, Optometry, Eye Doctor, Glasses, Contact lenses

There’s something unique about what Dr. Corina Buettner bring to Nuvo as both Owner and Optometrist. Be it refractive or medical care, Dr. Buettner is always happy to take on new challenges and invest in her patient’s well-being.

As a Nuvo leader, her investments in our Vision have cultivated an ever-growing, positive reputation amongst the Ottawa community, and she sets herself apart by being one of the only eye doctors to provide Orthokeratology services in the Ottawa Region.

Dr. Buettner makes each patient feel comfortable during their visit and has a knack for explaining any detail about your eyes with ease and clarity.



Dr. Marie-Christine Deschenes, Nuvo Optometry, Nuvo Eye Centre, Optometrist, Optometry, Eye Doctor, Glasses, Contact lenses

Dr. Deschênes is a great asset to our clinics not only because of her expertise with refractive surgery care, but also because of her extensive clinical experience with patients of all ages. It is with personal conviction that Dr. Deschênes assures the best possible care to her patients by staying abreast of newest technologies and of course by listening to her patients.

She has been living in the Ottawa region since her childhood and is now very happy to be able to serve the community where she’s grown up. Whether it is in English or in French, from the youngest to the oldest, all will appreciate her devotion.



Dr. Francine Gauthier, Nuvo Optometry, Nuvo Eye Centre, Optometrist, Optometry, Eye Doctor, Glasses, Contact Lenses

Dr. Gauthier first practised in the Greater Montreal Area then moved to Ottawa and worked at a Laser Eye Surgery Centre in Hull for a few years before joining the Beechwood Optometry team, now Nuvo Optometry.

In 2011, she obtained her therapeutic licence after studying at Nova Southeastern University in Florida.

Dr. Gauthier gladly use her experience to provide visual examinations to patients of all needs and ages.



Dr. Andree Mainville, Nuvo Optometry, Nuvo Eye Centre, Optometrist, Optometry, Eye Doctor, glasses, contact lenses

Dr. Mainville adds quite a bit of sparkle to our offices! Always smiling, and always keeping her patients’ best interest in mind.

Never one to shy away from a 30 second dance party, her natural enthusiasm fosters a fun, positive atmosphere amongst staff and patients alike!

Nuvo is fortunate to have worked with Dr. Mainville even before her career as an Optometrist. She has truly helped cultivate and grow the positive reputation of Nuvo and has contributed greatly to the level of patient care we provide.



Dr. Kamy Morcos, Nuvo Optometry, Nuvo eye Centre, Optometrist, Optometry, Eye Doctor, Glasses, Contact lenses

Dr. Morcos is not only an optometrist at Nuvo Eye Centre in Orleans and at Nuvo Optometry in Ottawa, but he is also recognized for having developed a computer-based Visual Therapy program for children. He further received his therapeutic license in 2003 and has been actively managing ocular disease since, as well as pursuing his professional interests in contact lens therapy and glaucoma diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Morcos provides services in English, French, and Arabic at Nuvo Optometry on Beechwood Ave, and at Nuvo Eye Centre in Orleans. He is always committed to offering his patients the highest quality of eye care possible in a warm and friendly atmosphere.



Dr. Toni Rizk, Nuvo Optometry, Nuvo Eye Centre, Optometrist, Optometry, Eye Doctor, Glasses, Contact lenses

Dr. Toni Rizk grew up in Ottawa and is now proud to serve his community. He graduated on the Dean’s Honours list from the University of Waterloo School of Optometry, after completing a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry at the University of Ottawa.

Dr. Rizk completed his internship at OMNI Eye Specialists in Baltimore, MD, where he managed various ocular diseases and provided refractive care alongside ophthalmologists of different specialties including cornea, glaucoma, cataract, retina and oculoplastics.

With a special interest in refractive surgery care and disease management, Dr. Rizk stays abreast of the latest research, technologies and treatments in the Optometry field. He is a member of the Canadian Association of Optomerists, the Ontario Association of Optometrists, as well as the Ottawa Society of Optometrists. Dr. Rizk provides service in English, French and Arabic.



Dr. Jay Mithani, Nuvo Eye Centre, Nuvo Optometry, Nuvo, Eye Doctor, Optometry, Optometrist, Glasses, Contact lensesDr. Jay Mithani is a current Glebe resident proud to serve the Ottawa community. He graduated from the University of Waterloo School of Optometry with a doctorate in Optometry, and has completed internships at laser eye and cataract surgery centres in Toronto and Houston, Texas.

Dr. Mithani’s professional interests include paediatrics & binocular vision, glaucoma, and laser eye surgery care. He is committed to providing excellent patient care from the very young to the elderly. His personalized approach and attention to detail ensures patients are always seeing as clearly and comfortably as possible.

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